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A Professional Organizing Company


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just throw my stuff out?


We do NOT just throw stuff out. What gets thrown out or donated is completely up to the client. We assist in the evaluation of what is working in a space and what is not. Some items may just need to be stored elsewhere or looked at in a different light. 


Are customized closest only for the wealthy?


Absolutely not! A customized closet is designed for your needs. It has nothing to do with the size or the cost of  the shelving.  The smallest of closets that lack “fancy” shelving are often the ones that need the most organization.  Sometimes no extra shelving needs to be added. If any products need to be purchased we can suggest a variety of affordable and practical solutions.


I am not a hoarder. I just need help with a few small areas. Would a professional organizer work for me too?


Yes. We are often called in because of a small area. It’s not always an entire house or an entire room that needs attention.


How much time will it take to organize my space?


This all depends on the specific task. After a complementary consultation, we will offer you an estimate of hours. We typically schedule appointments in blocks of time.


Do you just ‘clean’ up my space and leave?


We strongly believe in constant communication throughout the entire project.  Our focus is to develop a plan that can be maintained by the client and that works for their needs.  Often the best test for any system is time and daily activity.  We offer follow up appointments if needed.


Do you work on your own or do I need to be there to work with you?


This depends on the actual project.  Some aspects can be dealt with without the client. Others require time with client to make sure the process is efficient and working for them.  We understand that everyone’s schedule is hectic and offer flexible hours to meet your needs as much as possible.

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