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A Professional Organizing Company


Our Process

      We offer hands-on guidance as to where to begin and create a system designed for your specific needs that helps you maintain simplicity in your living environment.


  • We start with a complementary consultation. This typically lasts one hour. During this visit we will first review the area in which the client needs assistance. We will then discuss what works, what doesn’t and what the client envisions for the space. 


  • A contract will be drawn up detailing the work required and any possible supplies needed. No work will begin until Simplistically Organized, LLC and the client are on board with all facets of project.


** Please refrain from straightening up prior to a consultation. It is essential for us to see the environment how it is currently functioning to fully assess the situation.





      Throughout the project we will be actively working on an individualized plan designed to help assist in maintaining the space.  In certain instances one project leads to another in separate space. If this occurs, and the client wishes to address this new space, a new contract will be drawn up.  It is also possible that not everything in the room needs to be organized. We only organize what the client wants tackled.





*Simplistically Organized, LLC adheres to NAPO’s Code of Ethics. It is our promise to you that we will enter your home judgment free.  The questions that we ask will be used to help us understand your current situation and needs.   We will always handle every situation and all of your private information with confidentiality.  We promise to treat you and your belongings with respect. We only dispose or donate items with your consent.


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